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The ongoing achievements in female sport is a sign of the emancipation that has created amazing role models such as Nicola Adams, Jessica Ennis-Hill and talented and successful teams such as the GB Women’s Hockey team and the Lionesses who came third in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. These examples show we are developing a generation of women that can translate these successes into their own confidence to support a younger generation of young women in need of someone to look up to.

Generation Storm does just that. It is a mentoring programme that supports young women leaving care and make positive transitions into education, work or training. We provide young women aged 16 – 21 with a range of skills that challenge and inspire them to think positively about their future through weekly fitness, health and well-being sessions and mentoring.


Generation Storm delivers weekly sessions for 20 young women in Lambeth, London.


Young women aged 16 – 21 from the care system.


Weekly sessions of sport and youth work help to build a relationship of trust. The young women are then matched up with professional women from a range of backgrounds, professions and experiences as their mentors. Mentors provide 10 one to one sessions to help the young women create 12-month personal development plans.

“The pastoral care manager pointed out that the college (where we recruit from) is made up of over 75% males, this often leads to extreme behaviours in the girls, extreme aggression or shyness and they rarely spend time in a majority female environment. This is where Generation Storm can make a big difference. ”

Tanya Compas, The Change Foundation Women and Girls Project Manager

For more information contact Tanya Compas, Women and Girls Project Manager on