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Let’s rise and Dance 4 Change

Dance 4 Change Performance

When The Change Foundation launched Dance 4 Change in 2014 it was a bold step into a new era for further women and girls engagement.

87% of Dance 4 Change young women demonstrated sustained increased resilience through overcoming challenging dance tasks, expressing their emotions and decision-making capabilities about their future.

So in 2016, this enabled Dance 4 Change to help 60 extraordinary young women from the care system to develop a sense of identity, discover a new support network and make positive transitions into adulthood.


Dance 4 Change has two clubs in Islington and Hammersmith in London.


Young women aged 16-24 from the care system.


Dance 4 Change young women are provided with three terms of dance classes with mentoring and at the end of each term they take part in a public performance. After three terms they are given one to one progression support as they transition into work, training or education opportunities.

“Though I did live with my mum, I was in care for long periods during the whole of my upbringing. Dance and music was not just an escape it’s a way of putting energy in a space I feel comfortable to share. I feel like me. I feel like I take a leadership role and I now feel I can support others. It is also another reason why I now volunteer at ‘Who Cares Trust’ after Dance 4 Change, so I can help other young people from care.”

Marie-Louise, age 21, Dance 4 Change graduate 2016

For more information contact Celestina Banjo, Project Manager of Dance 4 Change programme on celestinabanjo@thechangefoundation.org.uk.